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SFB Loop Bus Information

Hello Students,


The Loop Bus will begin running this semester on Friday, September 24. This is a free service to TCNJ students provided by the Student Finance Board. The loop bus runs on Friday nights (5:30pm-10:50pm) and Saturday afternoons (3:00pm-8:20pm). Stops include the Hamilton Train Station, Quaker Bridge Mall, Nassau Park Pavilion, Market Fair, and Princeton. The bus picks students up in front of Trenton Hall. There is a sheet attached to this email with Friday and Saturday’s schedule. 


All students who ride the Loop Bus must be fully vaccinated. This is because it is not possible for unvaccinated students to maintain 6-foot social distancing guidelines at all times on the bus. When students check in they must also show the student representative their green health pass from Roar to maintain safety. 


If students miss the Loop Bus to return back to TCNJ, it is their responsibility to find their method of transportation back. Students cannot start from a destination other than TCNJ. For example, a student cannot already be at Princeton and get a ride back to TCNJ through the Loop Bus. The Loop Bus may be canceled on certain dates due to inclement weather, lack of student representatives or other reasons. 


If a student staffs the loop bus for the whole Friday or Saturday shift, then they are eligible to get $60 paid to them. Staffing involves checking for everyone’s green health pass on Roar and making sure everyone signs in when coming on to the bus. 

Friday Schedule

Saturday Schedule