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About Us

Our Story: Student Government 

Student Government is comprised of all types of students from all over campus. We aim to best represent the student body in all aspects inside and outside of the classroom. Below you can see the structure of Student Government and all the different positions. If you would like to learn more, please visit the “Get Involved” section.

Student Government Positions

Cabinet is the Executive Board of TCNJ’s Student Government. The Cabinet consists of the 12 members that each represent and focus on specific issues on campus. They are in-charge of running student government from general body meetings, to committee meetings. They are the main voices to TCNJ’s Faculty, and Staff.
Senators are tasked with representing their constituents within their academic School. They tackle school specific issues by meeting with their school dean and working with each other on a common goals.
Class Council Officers are tasked with uniting their specific graduating class through unity, fundraising, and educational events. They are allowed full creative freedom within in this realm and really work closely with their team in order to fully plan and execute their events for the entire year.
Delegate Members are non-elected members of student government who participate in committees, general body meetings, and our events. This revamped cohort is an opportunity for those new to SG to get acquainted with our processes and inner-workings, and for those with limited time to have more flexibility in our organization. You can work on personal and group initiatives, propose legislation, and debate. You can even have partial voting privileges by attending 3 or more consecutive General Body Meetings.