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Get Involved

Ways to Provide Feedback

If you have specific comments, questions or concerns for Student Government please email or use the contact form to reach out to your representatives.

Ways to Join Student Government


Student Government elections occur in the Fall and Spring.
During the Spring Elections, all elected positions are open.
During the Fall Elections, Freshman Class Council and Senator Positions are open, as well as any positions that were not appointed during the Spring Elections. 


Student Government opens the doors to many opportunities at TCNJ and helps develop you into a student leader who can make a difference both on and off campus. Our current members have already taken on leadership roles by representing all TCNJ students and serving the campus and the community around us through different services and programs. Additionally, our members serve as a liaison between you and the administration to grant you a strong voice in our school’s policy development. Grow as an individual and alongside a team of like-minded students, develop yourself professionally, and engage with faculty and staff to make decisions that improve campus and college life for you and your peers. Come and make your goals a reality!


Delegate Members

You can become a general member of Student Government at any point during the academic year. To do this, fill out the form here. If you have any questions, e-mail